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Whilst looking through the Android Play Store for a decent audio software composition tool, I finally found something to get excited about; Caustic 2.

Caustic 2 is an all-in-one audio composition tool for Google Android devices (and Windows desktops too). Those familiar with the more expensive DAW packages, such as Reason or FL Studio, will immediately feel right at home.

Although Caustic is by no means as advanced as say Reason, it still allows you to flex your creative muscle whilst producing a half decent sound, on the move and at a fraction of the cost!

As soon as you jump into Caustic, the experience feels natural. Buttons and menus are positioned intuitively on screen making the workflow fast and efficient.

What’s inside

Caustic features a host of ‘rack mounted’ virtual machines along with a respectable mixing console and simple to use sequencer. In addition, there are a wealth of effects to play with; distortion, bitcrusher, flanger, chorus, phaser and autowah.  There is even a compressor to help you keep those peaking levels under control.

Many of the devices don’t hold back on functionality, with low frequency oscillators and volume envelope controls at your disposal, you will be never short of tweakabilty.  All of the devices in Caustic can be renamed allowing you to personalise your experience and prevent confusion when using more than one of the same device.

There are plenty of presets loaded into each device, with the ability to create and save your own.  It is possible to import your own .wav samples into the virtual sampling machines – which, let’s face it, provides endless possibilities.

Other cool notable features include the width knob on the mixer which instantly gives that wide professional sound (remember not to over do it though), the real-time automation and the ability to export in various file types.

One of the greatest benefits of Caustic is its ability to work offline – on the bus, train, or even in bed.

Five future desirable features

As you might imagine, I do like Caustic.  However, there is always room for improvement.  Below are five feature requests off the top of my head which will take it to the next level.

  1. A more advanced delay unit with the ability to pan the delayed signal
  2. A more advanced reverb unit with a greater number and controls
  3. The ability to add reverb and delay to individual drum machine channels
  4. The ability to follow the play bar in the composer window beyond the initial screen
  5. The ability to add more devices, only limited by the power of the device

Conclusion to Caustic 2

Caustic is a capable and creative app. Several of the other workstation I tried on the Android Play Store just didn’t cut the mustard.  Caustic 2 has, and by a long way.   I just hope I can put my tablet down and get some sleep tonight.


I will be doing a some tutorials on Caustic in the near future – so be sure to check back soon.

Useful links

Caustic Developers Website – All you need to know about Caustic
Caustic demo on Google Play – Try the Caustic demo
Buy Caustic on Google Play – Buy all the goodness

Teach Me Audio – My site providing help in audio production (currently going through a refresh – check back soon)

6 thoughts on “Caustic 2 Review

  1. Beatriz Sholler

    Hi all, I have considered getting the software package DubTurbo Beatmaker and was hoping anyone could give me an actual real overview of the computer software. Almost all of the web pages that offer product reviews at the moment are internet marketers advocating the software program so that i doubt that the experiences are reputable. Many thanks in advance for all the insight any individual can provide.

    1. Willard

      I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Wi-Fi only specifically to run Caustic 2. I have a Dutch name, but its a very old family name with the first Van De Bogart’s landing on the shores of the New World in 1631
      I have been watching tutorials and wondering if you got around to making one yet.
      Do you know if Caustic 2 has the ability to send to sound cloud? Do you think they will update more often now that they have big user base?

  2. Willard

    Read your review…liked it…I had a cheap Scope Android tablet from China. was playing Caustic and I fried the damn thing. cheap. now I am looking at Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 just to play Caustic along with my other tablet iPad instruments. have you done a video tutorial for caustic as yet?

    1. Leigh Walker Post author

      Hi Willard. Not done any tutorials yet. Hopefully in the next week or two. Be sure to check back soon.

      Interesting website you have there – lots to expand the mind!


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