Chrome Remote Access Setup

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Google Chrome Remote Access allows you to connect to other computers and users securely over the Internet.  It’s relatively easy to setup and it’s free.

Chrome Remote Desktop Setup

To setup remote access, first you need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on:

  1. Each computer you want to access remotely
  2. Each device you want to connect from e.g. a desktop, a mobile phone etc

To install the Chrome Remote Desktop app, complete the following:

Visit the Chrome Web Store and search “Chrome Remote Desktop“.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Click the blue + Free button next to the app to download and install it. Read and click through the confirmation boxes during the installation process. Once installed, you will be prompted to authorise the new app to enable access to it.

The Chrome Remote Desktop icon will appear within the Chrome App Launcher. If you don’t have the Chrome App Launcher, this can also be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and will appear within the taskbar once installed. Search “Chrome App Launcher” in the Chrome Web Store to download it.

App Launcher

Next you have to enable remote connections to use Chrome Remote Desktop. From the Chrome App Launcher, launch Chrome Remote Desktop and click the Enable remote connections button from the welcome screen. When prompted, download and install the host software.

Enable Remote Access

Once complete, you will be prompted to setup a unique 6 digital pin. The pin is used by other devices as an extra security measure to access the computer.

The computer is now ready for a remote connection.

Remote Access: Phone To Computer

For the following example, let’s look at connecting a mobile phone to the desktop computer that we just setup above.

From your phone, download the Remote Desktop app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app – you should see the computer name of the machine that was setup above.

Remote Desktop App

Click the computer name, enter the correct pin and voila!, the remote access session should begin.

Hope this helps.  Any questions, leave them in the comments.

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