Korg microKEY 37 Review

korg MicroKey37

With mobile audio production on the rise I decided to go small and compact when opting for a new slimmer, MIDI/USB keyboard; the Korg microKEY 37.

The small size and relative light weight of the unit makes the Korg easy to store away and pleasingly portable when on the move. Setup is simple with it working right off the bat with both my Windows 7 desktop and Motorola Xoom tablet with Caustic.

The no frills design means you will not find many added extras. The octave switcher buttons are a nice addition, changing colour depending on which octave is selected. There is also the familiar spring loaded pitch bend and modulation wheels.

Two USB sockets are available on the left side of the keyboard, allowing you to plug additional devices in (USB flash drive etc).

The keys are notably smaller than a standard sized keyboard and at first take a little time getting used to. Once you become accustomed though, the Korg is a pleasure to play on. The keys are velocity sensitive.

From a price perspective, it’s certainly not the cheapest around, but not the most expensive either. For the functionality offered, it is perhaps slightly overpriced compared to the competition. The Keyboard does come bundled with added software which may make the Korg package excellent value for money if used.

There is not a lot to say about the Microkey37 due to it’s simple design. If you are not planning on moving around with your musical endeavors then honestly, I probably wouldn’t recommend the Korg. The lack of octaves make it hard for that impromptu composition and using it for long periods of time can make constructing a track more time intensive than bigger, more functional models. For light portable use, the Korg really shines.

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