ReBirth Revisted

Propellerheads ReBirth RB-338

Over ten years ago I discovered what is probably the most fun piece of audio software kit ever created; ReBirth RB-338. ReBirth is a software synthesizer developed by Propellerhead Software in Sweden and was first released back in 1997.

ReBirth most famously emulates two Roland 303 synthesizers but also houses two drum machines; Roland 808 and Roland 909. Other features include mixers, a pattern controlled filter and effects such as delay, compression and distortion. It wasn’t until 1999, when the developers decided to stop development (bummer), that I found and played with this new toy on and off for about two years.

ReBirth In Action

There was a real buzz around ReBirth when I got hooked; the friendly community, a willingness to collaborate and an abundance of constructive feedback; all made for a great online and offline experience.

Since it has been 10 years since I last played with ReBirth, I thought I’d have a dig around to see if I could find any old tracks and …success! God bless the old backup drive.

I’ve zipped the tracks for an easy single download below. There are loads of tracks in the song pack, some of which never got released.
Download Rebirth Song Pack (125 KB) Due to abuse, the song pack has been removed. Please contact me to request the pack.

Get Propellerhead Rebirth

Want to try ReBirth yourself? Well you can and for free. Head over to the ReBirth museum for a free download available for both windows and MAC. If you have an iPad or iPhone, there is also an App available (iPhone version / iPad version) for download as well as a dedicated site. I’m sorry to say that us Android users have no such App – damn you Propellerhead Software!

If you are a Rebirth veteran yourself, or still use it today, drop me a message. It would be great to hear from you and soak up the nostalgia.

11 thoughts on “ReBirth Revisted

  1. Andreas

    Hey, I’d love the song pack as well. Used Rebirth a lot back in the days, mostly to make 303 loops. Still using it to listen to great old tracks, since the sound is truly amazing. And you know your stuff, so I’d love to listen while twisting knobs. :)

      1. Richard Birch


        Found your tracks whilst browsing online for some ReBirth goodness. Would love a copy of the song ZIP file so I can render it out to some nice FLAC files! Absolutely cracking tunes – crazy to think that these could all be synthesised in realtime on an original Pentium!


  2. Robert


    “Please contact me to request the pack.” They’re great, and I’d like to request them :-)



  4. Neel

    Hey Leigh,
    So finally I get to know who’s the person behind my all time favorite Rebith track. I tried to get in touch through the rebirth museum years back.
    ‘Silverkiss’ just drives me crazy and I still listen to it every now and then. I create music on Mac now and rebirth is not supported on OSX, so I have to do with the iPhone App instead.
    You have done a great job with Rebirth , are you still creating new tunes?

    1. Leigh Walker Post author

      Thanks for the kind words on Silver Kiss, Neel. Had some great fun back in the day with ReBirth. I’m not spending nearly enough time on my music as I used to, but have many unfinished Reason tracks waiting in the wings. Watch this space :)


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