SEO Tips For 2014

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Times change quickly on the web, and SEO is no exception. Here are my top 3 quick tips for getting the best out of Google in 2014.

  1. Get to grips with your content; old, duplicate and new:
    • 301 redirect old broken URLs to up to date counterparts. Use Google Webmaster Tools to source broken links/not found pages.  301 redirects can easily be implemented through a .htaccess file.
    • Decide to use www. or not within the site domain e.g. or  If both are left unmanaged, Google sees each URL as a separate entity. 301 redirect the non chosen variant to the chosen variant – include a wildcard so pages other than the homepage also get redirected accordingly. The process can be carried out through cPanel or a .htaccess file.
    • Use only well written, authentic content aimed at your audience.
  2. Remove unnecessary content and fix broken page links:
    • Remove low performing pages or try improving their content. Do not keyword stuff or try to over optimise the page.  Keep it real and to the point.
    • Add a noindex meta tag to pages that are not relevant or add not value to the user e.g. terms and conditions page.
    • Fix broken page links for optimum usability – spiders and users do not like them and can hurt your SEO efforts.
  3. Clean, consistent, fast and simple:
    • Use image spirites, font icons or SVG images where necessary for increased page speed
    • Only use the required CSS and JS for the optimum user experience.  Don’t add unneccessary code, images or functionality because “it looks so cool and makes the design pop!!!”
    • Do not flood pages with ads

For more tradition web optimisation tips, check out my older article 20 Quick Tips To Better Web Design which still contains many relevant tips today.

Obviously there are many more tips out there in the ether – feel free to share yours in the comments below.

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